Monday, March 18, 2013

iPadPerks March 14, 2013

Yesterday I carried my iPad, but I didn't have any time (went to Church at 4 p.m.) to do the art apps on wi-fi (I can only get wi-fi at the library). I only had tome to email a teaching re art-apps and edit-apps, to my volunteer student, Mary Mae (names changed).
The basics for her - THE basics - I feel must consist of the iPad  (app store) involving Photoshop: eg: Photoshop Express, for the CROPPING and the RAINBOW feature and the "invert" of our photos and our images. Its icon is that funny P shape in blues and whites, it will show up on your desktop once you download it, and I believe it is free for the taking, doesn't cost.

Another essential edit-app is AVIARY, for all the tweak variations - TWEAK VARIATIONS - in COLOR TREATMENT, etc. of our work, especially photos.

I have to admit that putting it into words doesn't say it!!!

I wrote to Mary Mae also to download a couple art-apps: one called GlowPaint or GlowDraw, and another once called KidsDoodle. These are also free, just take 'em.

Last night in the evening, in front of the TV, I got completely wrapped up working and working these apps on the couch WORK THE APPS! with my feet up! (The possibilities with an iPad!)

Leaving Kids Doodle behind for a moment, I used Doodle Buddy (free) and Repix (free) to make a cutesie abstraction, which I could tweak, with their special effects. (Of course, I ALWAYS run them through Photoshop, for the "invert" and the Rainbow, which I haven't seen the likes of elsewhere).

The challenge, I find - because they neglect to post a header of a logo or any kind of label- is to remember which art app I used, to do what!!! MAKE A WRITTEN NOTE, as you go along; don't wait. Did I say, it become like chopping through a jungle with no compass, and a machete that's only on loan (is that like online??)....make a note....don't forget...!

Tomorrow hope (i am at the library now) to post the picture as the accompanying photo, that illustrates what I've been saying here,  heart, heart...

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